An Unkind World?

There has been a lot of outcry lately about the TSA pat-down procedures, most recently employed upon a six-year-old girl. TSA has been defending this using the rationalization that: if they don’t screen children at all, then terrorists will start using children.
Is this who we are now? Are we really this scared now since 9/11? Do we now look at a six-year-old child and imagine how much plastic explosive might be strapped to her?

Do I want to get blown up on a plane? No.
I guess I’m curious to know how much more my chances of getting blown up on a plane if you don’t frisk a first-grader. Or me. Or that guy over there with a long beard and turban.
Do we know how many bombs we’ve caught since TSA procedures have been heightened? I suppose the argument could be made that the scans and pat-downs are a deterrent, and, as long as they are still being employed, terrorists are less likely to try anything. Maybe that’s so, but I think if I were a moustache-twirling super-villain, I’d be just as happy with the fact that I’d forced people into frisking children.

I’ve been thinking a lot about this quote that I know. I thought it was Einstein who said it, but I haven’t been able to confirm that. (If you know, chime in.)
“We must decide whether or not we live in a kind world or an unkind world.”
It looks to me like TSA has decided what kind of a world that we live in, and is acting accordingly.
I’m not sure that I agree with their assessment, but I guess if I knew how many bombs they were finding every day, I’d be more inclined to agree. Or less, depending. (Probably less.)
I will admit that there are some dangerously unhinged people out there, but I’m not convinced that there are as many as they (whoever “they” are) would have us believe.
Some people might argue that, if invading the privacy of the population and frisking children can prevent one terrorist attack, then it’s worth it.
Is it really? Maybe.
I just can’t help but think about what the next step will be. I mean, at first, we were tightening up security on international flights, but now it’s domestic flights, too.
Well a 747 holds, what? About 400 people, right? Well, a concert at the Pepsi Center here in Denver holds around 20,000 people. Should we ask all of Taylor Swift’s fans to walk through body scanners and be patted down just like everyone at the airport?

If you believe that we live in an unkind world, then the answer is that, yes, we must.
The next time you’re in a restaurant or supermarket, look for one of those “maximum building capacity” signs. On a very busy day, that’s roughly how many people terrorists can attack in that building.
Really, in order to protect ourselves from the terrorists, we should really stop thinking about people as customers or sportsfans, or audience members, and start thinking about them as what they truly are: potential corpses. Corpses that could be strapped with bombs. Or nerve gas. Oh, that’s a good one! Nerve gas can wipe out a whole city! Yes, what we should really be afraid of is nerve gas. Nerve gas tanks hidden in the Pull-ups of toddlers! Yeah, now that’s scary!
See, if we can figure out how to be afraid enough, the terrorists will never get us!
Ha, ha! Suckers! Let’s see you spread your terror now!

Oh, wait . . .


~ by badwolf1013 on April 13, 2011.

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