Alarmingly Stupid

One of the residents of my apartment complex is completely unable to get into his car without setting off the car alarm. Every day for over two years, I hear the familiar, loud “HONK.HONK.HONK.HONK. HON-” (He usually catches it somewhere between the third and fifth beeps).

I wonder if he thinks that’s just how his alarm works. I wonder if he thinks that the manufacturer of the alarm system built that into the device to let the owner (and everyone within five blocks) know that the vehicle’s alarm is still functioning normally.

Surely, if he realized he was doing it accidentally, he would have made some effort in the last two years to learn how to de-activate his alarm properly. Is the Colorado Driver’s exam truly so easy that reading a manual on a car alarm is actually more difficult than obtaining a license to drive?

I’m only assuming that the driver is a man. I’ve never seen him. Or the car. The few times I’ve actually tried to ascertain either, I was too late see.

I wonder if it’s a fancy car. Probably not in my neighborhood. It’s also kind of a low-rent car alarm. I try to imagine what would be so important about (or inside) a car in my neighborhood, owned by someone with minimal technical savvy, who won’t pay the extra $20 per month to park in the garage, that it requires an alarm system. – just not a very good one.

Did I mention that this happens every day?



~ by badwolf1013 on April 5, 2011.

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